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Material based on Old Testament characters in alphabetical order


The calling of Abraham (Drama)
Laughter in the desert (drama)

Adam and Eve

The story of creation
The story of creation from Genesis 1 with comments from some very 21st century children.

The first gardener (drama)

The story of creation (story)


Daniel and the lions (interactive story)
Daniel and the lions' den (Story)


David – shepherd and king (Story)
From shepherd to king (drama)
David and Goliath (drama)
David and Saul (drama)
David the dancing king (drama)
David and Goliath (dramatized reading)
David the shepherd boy (drama series)


Elijah and the ravens (interactive story)
Elijah on Mount Carmel (interactive story)
Elijah and the prophets of Baal (Story)
Elijah is taken into heaven (Story)
The story of Elijah (drama)
Elijah and the still, small voice (drama)


The story of Gideon (Story)

Jacob and Esau

Fight the good fight (drama)


Jonah – the call (interactive story)
Jonah – in the whale (interactive story)
The story of Jonah (drama)
Jonah and the whale (drama)
Jonah and the whale (drama series)


Joseph and the colourful coat (Story)
Joseph the dreamer (drama series)


Joshua at the battle of Jericho (interactive story)
Joshua at the battle of Ai (interactive story)
Joshua and the battle of Jericho (Story)

Ruth, Naomi and Boaz

Naomi or Mara? (Dramatised reading)


The birth of Moses
The story of how Pharaoh is outwitted by his midwives, Moses parents and then his own daughter and the child Moses is rescued from the Nile.

A very brave sister (interactive story)
Moses in the bulrushes (Story)
Moses and Pharaoh (Story)
Moses – the Red Sea and 10 Commandments (Story)
Blood and bugs news flash (drama)
Moses crossing the Red Sea (drama)
The birth of Moses (drama)
Moses and the great escape (drama series)
To glow or not to glow?  (Drama)


Can we fix it?  (drama)


Noah builds a boat (interactive story)
Noah – the journey begins (interactive story)
Noah – the journey ends (interactive story)


The birth of Samuel (interactive story)
The calling of Samuel (drama)


The story of Samson (interactive story)
Samson the strong man (story)

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

The burning fiery furnace (interactive story)
The burning fiery furnace (drama)

Solomon, Jeroboam and Rehoboam

Solomon, what have you done? (drama)


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