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Drama Series

All these dramas were developed for use at holiday clubs and play schemes. They pick up different Biblical stories and themes within the over all theme and setting of the drama. Although they are in episodes they are also easily adapted into single productions for performance in schools or at special events. They are designed to be flexible so they can be used in different circumstances and with actors of varying abilities. Hopefully you will find them funny and full of jokes for all ages.

Several of the dramas have sound effects noted in the script. Unfortunately for copyright reasons we cannot supply audio files of sound effects. However, with a simple MP3 or other digital recorder it is very easy to record a collection of sound effects that will greatly enhance the dramas. If you are involving children in your production this is a good job to give to a teen-age boy.

Big Bluster on Pirate Island

Circus Spectacular

David the shepherd boy

Golden Ears (Easter drama)

Henrietta’s Egg (Easter drama)

Jonah and the Whale

Joseph the dreamer

Jungle Jamboree

Moses and the great escape

Super Bunny (Easter drama)

The Great Pongadron Rescue

The Tangolian Tremor (Easter drama)

G force (Easter drama)

Indiana Bones and the lost treasure of Kazingazinga



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