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Resources for St George's Day

Many of us in ministry are faced with the problem of the St George's Day parade service. A church full of 200 or more young people who need you to present something lively and exciting over the following 30 minutes. Here are a few resources that might help you a little bit.


sT George and the dragon
A humorous telling of the story of how St George rescued the princess from the hungry dragon.

St George – now!
At 1,700 years old St George is not as sharp as he once was. But despite a few problems hearing and getting the right end of the stick, he still manages to tell the story of his encounter with the dragon. A humorous drama. (3 actors)

the real st george
A telling of the story of St George's life and martyrdom with a bit of humour thrown in as well!

These lyrics are written to 2 popular Queen songs - 'We will rock you' and 'We are the champions.' You can easily find backing tracks for these songs. So this is your chance to look really cool and show off your Freddie Mercury impersonation! Seriously, these are not easy to perform but well worth it if you or someone else can present them well and get people involved in the choruses.

St George Rocks! (to 'We will Rock you.')
St George is the champion (to 'We are the champions.')


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