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Billy Stories – Short stories for all ages

This is a collection of fun, exciting and dynamic stories for children that adults love as well. Great to use in childrens clubs and groups, church services, school assemblies and lessons, or as stories to be read to, or read by, children.

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Here are 43 of the most popular Billy stories. I hope you enjoy them.

1 The Dining Room Carpet
Billy manages to spill a bottle of ink in the centre of the dining room carpet. What will Mum do? or can Gran help smooth things over?
Themes: Forgive our sins as we forgive others.

2. Billy Builds a Boat
Billy is determined to enter the annual ‘Driptown Model Makers Competition’ and win a luxury toolkit but in the end his Mum helps him. Can he still enter the competition or will the judges find out that he got some help?
Themes: We all have different gifts; working together; family.

3. Billy is Chosen
Billy is the greatest supporter of ‘Driptown United’ – his local football team. He goes to see every home game and sometimes their away matches as well. Imagine his surprise when Jimmy Johnson – the Driptown United manager – appears on his doorstep to tell him he has won a competition and will be on the team for the big match against Oldcastle on Saturday. Who will believe him, and what will he learn about team work as well? 
Themes: Team work; playing your part, doing your best; we are chosen as we are.

4.Billy’s Mum
Billy’s Mum often has what to Billy are crazy ideas. One day she announces: ‘I am going to learn the play the Tuba!’ Could things get any worse for Billy and his sister Amy as the sound of his Mum’s Tuba practice fills the house every evening? Well yes they can – when Mum joins the Driptown Town Band and Billy and Amy have to go to their concert.
Themes: Family; acceptance; keeping an open mind.

5. Billy Learns to Juggle
Billy decides to learn to juggle and gets pretty good. Then a special visitor to Drip Town primary school injures himself and Billy's juggling skills are needed. But will Mrs Downer – the head teacher – believe that Billy can help?
Themes: In order to achieve we need to work hard; importance of giving others a chance.

6 Giving Up
Billy’s Mum stands on the bathroom scales and is shocked. She needs to give up chocolate but the battle is just too much. Can Billy help?
Themes: Love; support; sacrifice; determination; working together.

7. Billy is a Boaster
Billy just can’t help exaggerating a little to make him look good. One day he manages to tell Miss Roberts, his teacher, that he can play the Tuba and before he knows it he is a featured Act in the school concert. The problem is that he can’t play the Tuba at all! Will Aliens kidnap him as he hopes? Or will Mum be able to sort it all out?
Themes: Truthfulness; owning up; foolishness of lying.

8. Billy’s Bicycle
Billy hasn’t got a bike and his Mum can only afford to give him £5 to buy one. The rusty old bike is laughed at by his friends and broken by the school bullies. Worse still – it then appears to have been stolen! Meanwhile though one of Billy’s neighbours is hard at work. Will Billy see his Bike again and if so, what will it be like?
Themes: Easter; new life; restoration; resurrection.

9. Billy Goes Bird Watching
A rare bird is spotted up at Clearview Point. Billy’s Grandpa is off to see it and makes the mistake of taking Billy with him. What will happen to Billy and what will happen to the bird?
Themes: Ordinary things can be special; don’t judge a book by its cover; importance of knowing what you are looking for.

10. Origami
It is the Summer holiday and Billy is bored. Mum suggests that he should try Origami. Was it a good idea or will Billy’s frustration win the day?
Themes: Persistence; practice; learning; trusting others.

11. Billy is Lost
During a family trip to the Tower of London Billy is separated from his Mum and sister. Have they left him in the tower? Will the Beefeaters lock him up? Will he lose his head? Or will it all end happily?
Theme: Love and reconciliation; being special; family.

12. The Pancake Race
Miss Roberts has organised a class pancake race. As ever Billy is determined to win but will he have any pancake in his pan by the end?
Themes: Do your best; believe in yourself; keep trying.

13. Looking after Lady
Billy has always nagged his Mum to get a dog but she has always said ‘no.’ then Billy’s next door neighbour has to rush away and leaves Billy in charge of his dog – Lady. Will Billy be able to prove to his Mum that he can look after a dog? Or will he decide that he would like a different pet?
Themes: The cost of caring; determination; responsibility.

14. Mercury Man
Billy and Mickey become dedicated Mercury Man fans and when Mercury Man is coming to Driptown they couldn’t be more excited. All Billy has to do is wait in for his Mercury Man suit to be delivered. But will he be ready when the delivery man arrives?
Themes: Advent; Being ready; being prepared.

15. The Birthday Present
Billy’s imagination is working overtime as his birthday approaches. What will he get? He tells his friends that he is getting some brilliant presents and they all rush round early on his birthday to see. What will they say about the present that he really gets?
Themes: Wishful thinking; think before you speak; appreciating small things.

16. The Juggler’s Apprentice
The Driptown Festival has something for everyone except jugglers like Billy. While everyone else dances, sings and acts together Billy is left juggling on his own. Everything could change though if he can persuade his Mum to take up juggling. Will she be brave enough? Will they be able to enter the ‘most unusual family competition?’
Themes: Self confidence; it’s never too late to learn; do it for others.

17. Larry Chinlicker
Billy takes an instant dislike to a new boy in his class – Barry Beckem. Barry claims that David Beckem is his uncle. Billy is so jealous that he claims that famous footballer, Larry Chinlicker, is his uncle. The story grows and grows but everything changes when Larry Chinlicker comes to Driptown to head up the carnival parade and Billy’s friends want him to arrange for them to meet him. Will Billy have to admit his lie? Or will something happen to save the day?
Themes: Guilt and lying; boasting; it’s no use trying to hide.

18. Sports Day
It’s school sports day and Billy is determined to win everything. Mr Green from across the road helps with Billy’s training but on the day he is always second. Billy is not happy until the very end of the day when something special happens.
Themes: determination; do your best; winning isn’t everything.

19. The Blue and White Vase
Mum's best vase is a blue and white one kept in the cupboard in the front room. When he is looking for his Christmas presents Billy manages to knock it off of the shelf and it smashes. He glues it together but will Mum notice? All is revealed at Christmas much to Mum's surprise.
Themes: It’s best to tell the truth; things we try to hide have a habit of being discovered; secrets are destructive.

20.The Girl Next Door
Billy has new neighbours but to hiss dismay they are a family of 3 girls!
Nevertheless he feels a compulsion to try and impress Sally who is in his class but a series of exploits go terribly wrong. What will Sally think of him?
Themes: Showing off; be yourself.

21.Billy the Superstar
Billy is chosen for a starring role in a film that Hollywood film director Stephen Steelburger is making in Driptown. He meets lots of famous people but what will superstardom do to Billy?
Themes: Be yourself; you’re great as you are; fame is not all it’s made out to be.

22.The Football Ticket
Driptown United are in the final of the FA cup and Billy is determined to get a ticket for Wembley. So determined that he queues up all night to make sure he gets one. He comes home in a terrible mess – only 1 shoe, soaking wet, covered in mud, but with the important ticket in his hand. Was it worth it?
Themes: Being determined; being brave; not letting others stop you; keeping your eye on the prize.

23.The Bear Essentials
Billy is in the scouts and looking forward to his first camp. Grandpa has prepared him with all his tales of life in the army and his other exploits so Billy takes everything he might need to deal with any emergency. It is just as well as he has to frighten off a Bear in the middle of the night. When they get home though Mr Packer, the scout leader, is a bit worse for wear!
Themes: Be prepared; remember what you have been told.

24.Billy’s Heroes
Billy would love to be as good at football as Billy Blockem and as good at wrestling as Mick Muscle. One day he enters a competition in his local paper, the prize is to be Billy and Mick for a day. Billy has a lot to do – he needs to be taller and stronger - but no matter how hard he tries he just stays as he is! When he wins the competition he doesn’t want the prize but can Grandpa change things for him?
Themes: Be yourself; we are all valuable just as we are.

25.Taking the Blame
Billy often gets into trouble. Sometimes it’s his fault, sometimes he is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the fire alarm is accidently set off during a parents evening at Driptown Primary School Billy is about the get the blame again. But what will Mum do when she sees Billy’s frightened little face?
Themes: Sacrifice; giving up for others; forgiveness.

26.Little Billy
Billy is not very tall and some of the bigger boys at school can give him a hard time. but when there is a parade through the town for the Driptown and England striker, Mick Boots, things are turned around as Billy ends up riding with his hero and the others are left out in the cold.
Themes: Bullying; Kingdom - the first will be last and the last first.

27.Jump for it!
When Mickey put Billy’s name forward for the TV programme ‘Dream Makers’ he could never have imagined the consequences. Later Billy starts an ordinary day at school and ends it tumbling out of an airplane!
Themes: Trust; be careful what you wish for!

28.Billy and Mickey
Billy and Mickey are friends – most of the time – but sometimes they argue over silly things. Will they let their arguments get out of hand? Or will their friendship be stronger than their disagreements?
Themes: Friendship; arguing; reconciliation.

29.Richie Clifford
Billy’s Mum is a dedicated Richie Clifford fan. When she hears that Richie is coming to Driptown she can think of nothing else. But when something special happens to Billy she has to make a choice. Will she choose Richie or Billy?
Themes: Family, love, loyalty.

30. A Shot in the Dark
Billy comes home from school but there is a power cut. In the darkness things get in a bit of a mess. Mum comes home just as the lights come back on. What will she think of what she sees?
Themes: We all need light to guide us; it’s hard to walk in the darkness.

31.Brave Billy
Billy is not the bravest boy. But when he finds himself in the swimming pool with Mick Muscle and a fire breaks out he discovers that he can be brave after all.
Themes: Bravery, determination, overcoming fear; trust.

32.Cleaning up
Billy’s Mum has been away for a few days and Billy is determined to bake her a cake to welcome her home. But his efforts in the kitchen leave things in a bit of a mess. When Mum comes home though she isn’t angry. What could have happened?
Themes: God’s forgiveness and grace; new starts.

33.One of the team
Some of the bigger boys in the Driptown Primary School football team would often tease Billy and Mickey about how they played football. “I wouldn’t play with them if you paid me,” Billy often said. But when he is picked for the team what will happen? Could Billy even become a bully like them?
Themes: bullying; friendship; loyalty; reconciliation.

34.In a Spin
Billy discovers that his Grandpa used to hold a world record for plate spinning. Grandpa tries out his old skills but ends up blaming Billy for breaking most of his plates. Will Billy ever learn how to spin plates?
Themes: The need to learn; starting small; being understanding; appreciating others.

35.The Christmas Presents
Billy has bought his Christmas presents early. He thought really hard about them and is sure that his family and friends will think that they are great. Come Christmas day though he finds that he has forgotten to label them and has to guess which present is for each person. What will they think of their presents now?
Themes: Be prepared to be surprised.

36.The Journey
Billy and his Grandpa are on their way to Liverpuddle to visit the Mick Muscle Museum when Grandpa’s car breaks down. Will they ever get to Liverpuddle or will they give up?
Themes: Determination; persistence; reaching for the goal.

37.Skimming Stones
Billy is having a very bad day! But while he is skimming stones down at the canal something extraordinary happens.
Themes: Things will get better.

38.Billy’s Wardrobe
Billy and his sister often play hide and seek but when Billy accidently locks himself in his wardrobe no one knows where he is. Can Constable Faircop solve the mystery?
Themes: Resurrection; joy; reunion.

39.Uncle Ted
Billy loves it when Uncle Ted comes to stay. Uncle Ted is an explorer and when he is around the whole world seems so much more exciting. But what about when he has gone? Maybe he’s not that far away really.
Themes: Ascension; The Holy Spirit; Jesus - I am with you always.

40.The Jumper
Gran has knitted Billy a jumper for Christmas. It’s large and itchy and a very bright colour. He does his best not to wear it but when he is off on one of his trips to Clearview Point it is the only jumper in the draw. The jumper comes into it’s own though when Grandpa and Billy slip off the side of the cliff and have to be rescued by helicopter.
Themes: Don’t be ashamed of your faith; be happy to be different and colourful; don’t hide your light.

41.Billy Makes a Choice
Pete Pushem and Trevor Trippup are boys that Billy does his best to avoid. For some reason they think it is great to make everyone else’s life a misery, including Billy’s. After they have emptied Billy school bag all over the street Billy finds Trevor’s bag in the park. What should he do? Even Billy is surprised by what happens.
Themes: Bullying; do not take revenge; love your enemies; do to others as you would want them to do to you.

42.Billy Joins the Band
Billy has been learning the trumpet but he has kept it a secret from his Mum because he is sure she will try and persuade him to join the Driptown Town Band. When she finds out that is just what happens but Billy always says ‘no!’ When the Queen comes to Driptown though and attends a gala concert given by the band, things start to happen that take Billy by surprise.
Themes: Confidence; don’t hide your light; use your gifts.

43 The Chocolate Cake
Billy loves chocolate cake, but when he has to share it he is not happy. When Mum’s friend Pam comes round, Billy has to give away the last piece of his favourite chocolate cake. Will he stay resentful for ever? Or will he learn that sharing has its rewards?
Themes: Selfishness; sharing; generosity; reward.

44.  The Wrong Crowd
When Billy's Grandpa is ill, Billy manages to persuade his Mum to let him go to see Driptown play in Liverpuddle on his own.  But at the ground things are a bit confusing!  Billy ends up in the Liverpuddle stand.  Afraid of the consequences he finds himself cheering for Liverpuddle instead of Driptown as he does his best to hide his Driptown scarf.  Poor billy feels completely ashamed and is sure that all the Driptown fans will know he has let his team down.
Themes:  Do not be afraid; being faithful; keeping faith in face of opposition.

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