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Resources for Christmas

Christmas dramas A selection of dramas to use in family services, school services and assemblies and on many more occasions.

Shalom - reflective stories for Christmas A series of reflective stories and readings that can be used across the Christmas season.

Christmas resources for family worship, crib services and schools
Nativity readings and poems for use at family worship and crib services. Also includes 2 complete dramatized crib service scripts.

Other Christmas resources

Mary says yes
An interactive story.  Mary finds a strange visitor in the house, but how will she respond to his news?

The shepherds visit Bethlehem
An interactive story.  The shepherds hear the good news of Jesus' birth and go to Bethlehem to find him.

Jesus is born An interactive story from Luke 2

The First Christmas A simple telling of the Christmas story ideal for nursery or playgroup services. Needs some musical input to create moods - happy, sad, tired.

Heffalump's Birthday It's Heffalump's birthday but all his friends seem to have forgotten. A story for younger children about remembering that Christmas is Jesus birthday.

The Little Star God is choosing a star for a very special job. Only one star is not auditioning because she thinks she is too small. Everyone is very surprised when god makes his choice, but will the little star spoil her chances of shining? A story for younger children.

The Angel visits Mary The visit of the Angel Gabriel to Mary revealing what might have been Mary's inner thoughts. Luke 1:26-38

The Visit of the Magi A simple dramatized telling of the Epiphany story from Matthew 1

The journey of the Magi
The story of the Magi from their observation of the star to their arrival at Bethlehem. (Matthew 2:1-12)

The Christmas Presents Billy has bought his Christmas presents early. He thought really hard about them and is sure that his family and friends will think that they are great. Come Christmas day though he finds that he has forgotten to label them and has to guess which present is for each person. What will they think of their presents now? Themes: Be prepared to be surprised.

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