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About This Site is a collection of Christian drama and story resources written by Rev John Beauchamp. John Spent 17 years as rector in Beccles in north Suffolk. In 2015 he moved to become vicar at St Stephen's, Canonbury, in Islington.

The material on this site has been developed to tell the Christian story to children and adults alike in fun and memorable ways. Much of it is written to be humorous but you will find many serious and profound moments along the way.

"The Bible is a book full of humour," says John. "It is littered with unlikely people finding themselves in extraordinary situations and shows us time and time again how God's power can cut through human folly and weakness to bring his will into being. As we read about Moses at the burning bush, the aged Abraham cradling his first-born son, Saul lying blinded on the Damascus Road, and so much more, we can only conclude that somewhere at the heart of God is a wry sense of humour that we need to learn to appreciate if we are to know him more fully. We often present the bible story as dry and serious, couched in obscure 'churchy' language. In fact it is full of joy and laughter, often with its humour emphasising how serious and world-changing its stories really are."

We hope you enjoy browsing the site and using the material. Our prayer is that it will bring joy to adults and children alike in services and assemblies, clubs and activities and more.

All the material on is free to access and use. Simply click on the links to download the PDF files. You are free to use this material in churches, schools, clubs and other activities where no, or only a nominal, entry fee is charged and performances are on a 'not for profit' basis.

All of this material is copyright © Rev John Beauchamp/ Rev John Beauchamp and must be acknowledged as the author and copyright holder whenever material is used. No material on this site can be reproduced, sold, or otherwise distributed except via without prior permission. Please email for all copyright enquiries.

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