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Resources for Passiontide

The Road to the Cross A series of stories and readings that reflect on the experiences of those who encountered Jesus as he journeyed to Jerusalem and his crucifixion.

Good Friday meditations and reflections
A series of reflections that are designed to be used on Good Friday as 'An hour at the cross.' They are best used with appropriate music and times of silence.

Other Passiontide resources (pdf format)

The Last Supper
An interactive story telling of Jesus sharing his last meal with his friends and telling them what his death means for them and the whole world.

Jesus is condemned

A short dramatized reading of Jesus trial before Pilate and the religious leaders demand that he be crucified.

Palm Sunday An interactive telling of the story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem (From Matthew 21:1-9.)

The Triumphal Entry The story of Jesus last journey to Jerusalem with plenty of audience participation. (From Luke 19:29-40)

The Master Needs Them The story of Palm Sunday from Matthew with plenty of audience participation. (From Matthew 21:1-11)

To be a Pilgrim A drama for Palm Sunday in which a Jerusalem market trader discovers what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Peter and his Wife A drama for good Friday in which Peter wrestles with his powerlessness to save Jesus as the mob call for his crucifixion.

There should be spices A simple drama telling of the events of the evening of Good Friday and the dawn of Easter Day. (From John 19 & 20)

The Sentence A short courtroom drama highlighting Christ's decision to pay the price of our sin and set us free. Requires 3 actors. From Romans 5:6

Jesus before Pilate The story of Jesus trial and the part that Pilate played in issuing his death sentence. (From Matthew 27:1-26)

At the Cross (Story 3) Mary's thoughts and feelings as Jesus is crucified (From John 19:25-27)

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