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The Christian story and drama website for ministers, teachers, children’s workers, youth leaders, parents, children and anyone involved in leading church services, school assemblies, children’s clubs and more.

This is a Christian drama and story resources website dedicated to helping you tell the story of God's grace in Jesus Christ to children and adults in fun, exciting and memorable ways.

All the material on this site can now be accessed free of charge. However, if you enjoy using this material and would like to support the site, please click on 'Please help support this site' and follow the instructions. 

The material on this site has been used in church services, children's groups and clubs, holiday clubs and play schemes, school assemblies and lessons.

There is a great variety of material from very simple interactive stories to fully staged dramas so hopefully you will find something to suit your needs and circumstances.

New to Kingdomstory for 2014

Everything on is free so enjoy browsing the site and make use of the resources available.

We would love to know what you use and anyways you think we could improve the site. Please take a few moments to send us your feedback.

There are new scripts in several categories.

New Testament dramas
Our Father - the Lord's prayer
The two bridesmaids
The Pharisee and the Tax collector

Drama series
Moses and the great escape
Some new scripts added to this collection

Dramatised bible readings

Jesus at Nazareth
The rich man

Interactive stories
The sower (2)
A very brave sister (the birth of Moses)

Nativity readings
Mary and Joseph
Crib service narrations

Reflective story
Shalom The shepherd's tale

There are also some new index pages to help you find the resources you are looking for

Resources for Mothering Sunday
Resources for St George's Day
The parables of Jesus
The miracles of Jesus
Old testament dramas and stories

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